(UN) Broken Eye

What is (UN) Broken?

A movement to challenge all to invest in human capital and  be who they really want to be.  This is human performance+. Transforming your life by liberating and mastering every area of your life. Facilitating growth and understanding by information and innovation.

Who is it for?

Those who are sick of stuck, tired of petty tyrants, dare to be different, open to possibilities, curious about choices, have untapped potential performance, maybe even a little bit whymsical and want a different pathway to their own version of success.

The Approach

A unique pathway to being (UN)Broken.

‘The ones who benefit from (un)broken are the ones who strive to appear to be normal. Their voices stifled and silenced so intently (and often so early) in their lives that they could not struggle against it but merely agreed to it as that was all they could do to survive.
They are socially, acceptably normal in relation to a profoundly abnormal environment. Their ability to survive within abnormality is relational to their physical, mental and emotional illness. There are millions of people living like this within our society, that if they realised they were (UN)Broken, would not tolerate it.’

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The Principles

(Un)Broken is founded upon the belief that the environment in which we were born, grew in, live in, work in, play in and rest in has a huge impact on how well we believe we are. (UN)Broken is not simply the absence of disease it is the ability to live purposefully, intentionally, joyfully and freely. We believe that by understanding the impact of the environment and bringing its influences into awareness then we can start to understand why we are the way we are . Our lived environment has a lot to answer for. We live in a time where there is so much toxicity around us that it is inevitable that we feel unwell, in-human and totally broken.

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The Soulship

Your first step to being (UN)Broken. A supportive network designed with the (UN)Broken approach and principles frimly entrenched within its foundations. This is where (UN)Broken Souls can come to heal, develop, and evolve.

An Evergreen Soulship that has been developed with growth in mind. This is for all who seek to be (UN)Broken and are looking for their (UN)Broken Tribe.

  • Access to two webinars a month, either live or recordings
  • Workbooks to accompany every soulship step
  • Access to visualisations to help you on your journey
  • Massive discounts on all online courses
  • Access to a support network via our online forums
  • Soulship only BONUS resources
  • You are (UN)Broken you just may not realise it yet
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Pound Heart per month

You decide what your value is! You will know how much you can afford and you will know how much value you can place on this resource.

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The Process

(UN)Broken is all about the process and our courses reflect this. Self-directed programmes based on each of the six principles available throughout all of the year.

Do one, two, three or all six to change your thinking, your beliefs, your understanding and ulitmately your performance in life. Your chance to rid yourself of all that prevents you and to gain all that supports you to be who you really are. Get rid of the barriers and embrace  empowerment.

There will also be additional programmes throughout the year that will be facilitator led processes to truly power up your (UN)Broken life!

As an added bonus, all of our courses come with a FREE one year subscription to The Soulship! or heavily discounted for Soulship members

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Powered By Years of Experience

(UN)Broken has been founded by Dr Rachel Taylor, a neurosicentist who has done all the investigation, research, development and design so you do not have to. Over twenty years of deep dives into the science of human performance, potential and transformation both professionally and personally have ensured that the processes and programmes that she develops are steeped in empirical knowledge and all wrapped up in easy to understand applications. She has a passion for enabling people to improve the quality and quantity of their lives utilising the tools that are beneficial to them and giving them the support that they need.

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