About (UN) Broken

(UN)Broken has been designed and developed from a place of lived and professional experience. Years of researching, talking, working and being with people from every part of society has meant that there is a distinctly different approach to being (UN)Broken.

Dr Rachel has over two decades of experience, research, development, learning, working and collaborating in transformation, human performance and human potential. She has won awards, prizes and acclaim for her extremely unique perspectives and delivery of often hard to say and even harder to hear messages of what works in improving human capital and wellbeing.

She has top class academic achievements in wide-ranging subjects from a first in Psychology Bsc to a Msc in molecular biology and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience  underpinned with a healthy understanding that there is no such thing as “The Science”. The beauty of science is that there are so many different aspects and applications to give a richness of wisdom, knowledge and opinion. There is no such thing as dogma within The (UN)Broken Tribe. Dr Rachel has also undertaken many professional and vocational qualifications including Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sports Conditioning Level 7 and a regular practice of Jungian analytical psychodynamics.

Dr Rachel is passionate about ethical and moral practice so much so that she actively avoids what she calls the scurge of modern society ‘social media’, preferring instead to grow an organic tribe – a bit like Cheers, the bar “where everyone knows your name.” If you are too young to remember this look it up!  When asked about what her niche is she says ‘ What you see is what you get, people who work with me change, as I do not work with anyone who does not understand what change actually means,’ Should you ask her clients what Dr Rachel is all about they would almost certainly reply in a similar vein to this – ‘She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.’

If you want to change, have tried everything else then come to Dr Rachel as guaranteed you will never have experienced what she has to offer. Her values are all about authenticity, equity, the truth all wrapped up in a bit of whimsy and magic. She writes bespoke programmes and  processes with originality, authenticity, wisdom and full knowledge of brain, body and spirit interactions. Dr Rachel works with organisations throughout the world, individuals and also within the soulship model of interaction.  Who does she want to work with? Anyone who wants to change, to change into who they really want to be and are committed to doing so. Change is not for everyone, only those courageous enough to do it.

Dr Rachel has three children who strive to always remind her that 1) She is not a proper scientist in a reductivist way – this from her eldest Lucie who is currently a ‘proper’ scientist as she is a product design engineer, 2) No matter how much she achieves in her professional life she is still not ‘cool’  – this from Seren her youngest who possibly is the ‘coolest’ child ever and 3) She will never understand why you do not need a plan b as a just in case as plan a -to be a professional footballer – will always be acheivable – from Elliott her middle child and best boy. She also has two cats who think they are dogs and is currently a northerner in the south of the UK. She has almost died more times that she cares to remember, (in fact she has died and been broguht back to life several times too), and juggles having to ‘be well’ with her need to be productive amidst time being extremely relative. For enjoyment she beasts herself daily in the gym or likes to be at one with nature. She has a naturally dystopian nature and in the event of an appocolypse will either be moving stones from one area to the other or be martyred for her commitment to knowledge.

Amuse Bouce – She once got kidnapped in Cuba and her ransom was $40 – which was a lot of money for the Cubans at the time she hastens to add.

We are all subjected to societal, familial and organisational norms with conditioning put into place by often nameless, faceless beings. How many of us have awareness of the restrictions this places upon our potential?

Placing people in boxes, giving them labels and ultimately building barriers so that it is difficult to be who they really are, is a common occurence within everyone’s everyday experience.

The detachment of self-autonomy, the disempowerment not having a voice and ultimately living in systems that are designed to protect the system not the individuals within in it all provide the ideal environment to feel broken. It is time for all to take up the baton of (UN)Broken.

We all should understand the effects of the environment physically, mentally and psychologically placed upon us and how our systems react or respond accordingly. This is your chance to take your power back, understand, be aware and make choices that work for you, or, equally decide everything should just remain the same. Just be sure that is your decision not anyone else’s!

It is our mission at (UN)Broken to challenge those norms, start a different dialogue, create new understandings and support all who want to be (UN)Broken to live their best lives. (UN)Broken is not for those who want the same as is offered elsewhere. This is for those who are tired of same and what to be (UN)Broken.

(UN)Broken is a fusion of cutting edge neuroscience, philosophical directions, molecular and cellular biology, behavioural, social and critical psychology all bound together with truth, equity and a healthy dose of humour.

Get familiar with the force majoure behind (UN)Broken by subscribing to the mailing list, listening to the podcast, reading the library muses or joining the soulship. There is something available for everyone.

(UN)Broken will undoubtedly evolve as it is a living, organic embodyment of all that is magnificent in humanity. How it will evolve is dependent on its environment and how it resides within it. Watch this space for more excitement to come.




Rachel (UN)Broken and proud of it.

The Approach

A unique pathway to being (UN)Broken.

‘The ones who benefit from (un)broken are the ones who strive to appear to be normal. Their voices stifled and silenced so intently (and often so early) in their lives that they could not struggle against it but merely agreed to it as that was all they could do to survive.
They are socially, acceptably normal in relation to a profoundly abnormal environment. Their ability to survive within abnormality is relational to their physical, mental and emotional illness. There are millions of people living like this within our society, that if they realised they were (UN)Broken, would not tolerate it.’

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The Principles

(Un)Broken is founded upon the belief that the environment in which we were born, grew in, live in, work in, play in and rest in has a huge impact on how well we believe we are. (UN)Broken is not simply the absence of disease it is the ability to live purposefully, intentionally, joyfully and freely. We believe that by understanding the impact of the environment and bringing its influences into awareness then we can start to understand why we are the way we are . Our lived environment has a lot to answer for. We live in a time where there is so much toxicity around us that it is inevitable that we feel unwell, in-human and totally broken.

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The Soulship

Your first step to being (UN)Broken. A supportive network designed with the (UN)Broken approach and principles frimly entrenched within its foundations. This is where (UN)Broken Souls can come to heal, develop, and evolve.

An Evergreen Soulship that has been developed with growth in mind. This is for all who seek to be (UN)Broken and are looking for their (UN)Broken Tribe.

  • Access to two webinars a month, either live or recordings
  • Workbooks to accompany every soulship step
  • Access to visualisations to help you on your journey
  • Massive discounts on all online courses
  • Access to a support network via our online forums
  • Soulship only BONUS resources
  • You are (UN)Broken you just may not realise it yet
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