The Apothecary

Herbal Remedies to Support You!

Bespoke remedies expertly blended to support each principle within the process

Beautifully unique you will not get these anywhere else

They are totally (UN)Broken

Apothecary products are made to order in small batches per month. Once they are gone, they are gone!



This is your support blend to help with awareness, balance and connection. All together to care and hold you to bring gentle awareness of your emotional world, balancing your mood […]
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Transformation in a bottle. This powerhouse of a blend encourages positive self-identity, self-image, self-acceptance, empowerment, inner renewal and brings forth balance and stability. If you need support in shifting emotional […]
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Tea of Resilience

Consider this tea your companion when you need a reminder of what you are capable of This wondertea is rejuvinating, improves focus and concentration, is a tonic for the nervous […]
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A wonderfully blended tea that is warming, armoatic and grounded in roots that aim to strenghten your own personal integrity. For truth-tellers and truth-seekers everywhere! 50g in a resealable bag […]
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Acceptance Tea

A wonderful blend that restores, calms, balances and strengthens This tea will change your view of you and your life from rejection to acceptance Calms stress and anxiety, is a […]
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The kindest oil blend ever that is basically a nurturing iron hand in an extremely velvety glove This superblend combines reassurance, anxiety reduction, shifts repressed emotions and balances mood fluctuations […]
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Your Little Bottle Of Magic

Awe, wonder, play & magic…. Who does not want those in their life? ‘Your Little Bottle Of Magic’ contains all you need to revitalise, inspire, clarify and create It shifts […]
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