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What is the first step to being (UN)Broken?

Deciding that you want to be different. Deciding that you know you. Deciding that you can be responsible for yourself.

The environment is increasingly toxic to all of us. So take 24 hours and ask yourself the following questions.

What did I see?

What did I hear?

What did I taste?

What did I smell?

What did I feel?

And in taking all of that into account then ask yourself these questions what emotions did I have, what moods did I feel and how did my body respond.

Let’s take the first steps into realising what we encounter on a daily basis and how that then translates into our experience.

What we do habitually becomes familiar even if it is not beneficial for us. Familiar is the comfort zone which can often become our barrier to success. By realising what is not supporting our best life we can start to make choices about what will.

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