Creating Greatly: 12 months of transformational magnificence

How to completely Transform your life in a year

How you go from stuck and feeling ‘broken’ to embodying your inner power and living life on your terms – without spending years in therapy and coaching.

If you’ve been stuck in negative, unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviour that are keeping you from feeling truly ‘happy’, this could be the most important programme you’ve ever come across.

Creating Greatly is a health and wellness programme with a difference.

Created, designed and delivered by Dr Rachel Taylor, Neuroscientist, author, researcher and bona fide wellbeing warrior, Creating Greatly is a 12 month programme for people who are serious about changing their lives.

(UN) Broken Eye

am i broken?

If you’re feeling stuck, lost and frustrated with your life, you’re not alone.

Many of us are finding ourselves asking ourselves the difficult questions:

                • Who am I?
                • What is the point of life?
                • Is this all there is?
                • How and where can I find meaning and purpose?
                • Am I just too broken to truly be happy?

You might have been stuck on the therapy, counselling and coaching merry go round.

Going around the loop for years searching for an answer > feeling temporarily better when being held in a process > only to feel lost and stuck, back at the start soon after the process ends.

There isn’t something ‘wrong’ with you for feeling this way. You’re not broken. In fact, going around in this loop is totally normal.

Why do i feel so stuck?

If we want to make real, sustained change in our lives we need to learn how to work with our brain, rather than against it.

If you’ve found yourself stuck and like nothing is working, its because your brain LOVES what’s FAMILIAR.

Read that again

No matter how much therapy, counselling or coaching you have, your brain has a default position that it will always go back to based on your upbringing, environment and neural wiring. 

Once the therapy process has ended, your brain will do everything it can to get back to its old familiar ways. 

This is exactly why we can remain stuck in old patterns of behaviour, no matter how hard we try to change them through talking. 

We can’t talk ourselves out of these patterns, it’s just not enough.

These old, familiar ways of thinking and behaving are exactly what are keeping you stuck. They are keeping you small, and stopping you from living your life to its fullest potential

how can i tell if i am stuck?

There are lots of ways our unconscious programming keeps us small. If you resonate with any of these challenges, it’s likely that you are stuck in negative neural patterns:

  • You don’t have a good sense of who you really are because your brain defaults to who you have been told you are by other people. 
  • You’re repeatedly self sabotaged, destroying the good things around you because you don’t feel like you deserve to live a full life. 
  • You’re procrastinating, distracting yourself and avoiding looking inwards because it feels too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. 
  • You don’t have the energy to even think about what type of life you want and how things could be different for you.

step into a better future

Imagine waking up each day in integrity and knowing exactly what path to follow to lead you to your best life

Never second guessing yourself and your decisions. Always knowing what the best choice is for you and taking aligned action that moves you towards the future you’ve always dreamed of

This is entirely possible for you!

Dr Rachel uses cutting neuroscientific approaches to elevate your health, wellness, wealth and mindset to completely transform your life, for good

Dr Rachel will show you the pathway to becoming the most authentic and real version of yourself. This approach helps you tap into the inner potential you’ve not yet been able to reach, to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

Thriving in your relationships, work and social life are mere side effects of embodying who you truly are, when you stop living life on others terms and step into the power that exists within. 

This process isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, curious and courageous. 

The process comes with a warning: “do not start this journey unless you’re serious about changing your life.”

Creating greatly: 12 months of transformational magnificence

Creating Greatly is Dr Rachel’s flagship transformation process. It spans a whole 12 months so you can be held in the process while you upgrade and uplevel your life by leaps and bounds.

Dr Rachel doesn’t do quick fixes. At best they’re an expensive waste of time.

The 12 month process gives you the tools and the time needed to make real, substantial changes and be held in a safe container with someone who deeply understands your needs.

What you get

Creating Greatly is a self guided process that helps you uplevel your life across four different stages. Each stage of the process gives you eight lessons with workbooks, and two longer webinars that you can work through at your own pace!

stage 1 – Growth

In the first process you’ll be exploring neurology and discovering how your environment impacts on your ability to grow. This first stage sets you up with the growth and mindset needed to uplevel your life in all areas

You’ll learn how to create an environment that allows you to thrive, innovate and reach your highest potential

This part of the process builds the foundation for creating the future of your dreams. You’ll increase your creativity, motivation, empathy, ambition, brain development, and performance levels using the exercises and learnings from stage one

stage 2 – Perform

The second stage of the process looks at how we create the optimum conditions for us to perform at our highest level

You’ll learn about the neurological process of performance, and gain a deep understanding of how to perform at your best

This part of the process builds on the growth mindset and enables you to gain mastery over your life. You’ll learn how to ace change, increase flexibility, optimise your habits, work together with your brain and body to harness your natural rhythms, and master motivation to boost your personal wellbeing

stage 3 – Impact

The third stage of the process gets you tapping into how to have real impact in your life. Impact isn’t just a nice to have. It’s an aspiration for all humans. We all need to live life with meaning and purpose

Here we dig deep into meaning, purpose and aligned execution to create your rock solid legacy

In this part of the process you’ll discover your personal integrity, meaning, authority, communication and talent to reach your own highest level of impact. This is where we dive deep and tap into the parts of your potential that you’ve not yet been able to harness and access the true greatness that lives within you

Stage 4 – real resilience

The final stage of the process is a neurobiological approach that allows you to cultivate true grit and resilience

This part of the process is the icing on the cake. You’ll learn how to develop self-autonomy, self-regulation, self-efficacy and self-trust

With real resilience you’ll increase your robustness, boost your immune system responses, improve your stamina, equilibrium, social perception, problem solving, memory and recall with the ability to increase flexible thinking and adaptability

You’ll reduce acute and chronic stress, develop deep understanding of your personal stressors and discover strategies to increase your resilience over time


Apply to work with Dr Rachel

Dr Rachel knows every person within her community. To join the 12 month transformation process you’ll first need to apply and have an initial consultation with Dr Rachel

In this consultation you’ll share some of the challenges you’re currently facing and Dr Rachel will advise whether the 12 month transformation programme is the right fit for you

Book a consultation session with Dr Rachel here:


For anyone who signs up before 30th June 2022, you’ll also get a FREE one hour consultation call with Dr Rachel (value £1,000)

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The cost of the 12 month transformation process is £2,200.

About dr rachel taylor

“Your future is mapped out by the life you live today. Show me how you live and I’ll show you your destiny.” – Dr Rachel Taylor

Dr Rachel Taylor is a neuroscientist, researcher, writer and conduit of life changing transformation

Using a whole system approach Dr Rachel facilitates transformation of your mindset, health, wealth and wellness using cutting edge neuroscientific approaches

Working from the molecular level all the way through the realms of spirituality, Dr Rachel takes into account all of the parts that make up your human experience to help you break unhealthy patterns and create a future that is worthy of your one precious life

The people who work with Dr Rachel aren’t those who are so attached to their conditioning and stories that they are unwilling to change. Dr Rachel doesn’t tend to attract people who aren’t sure that there is greatness within them

You work with Dr Rachel when you know that there’s an untapped potential inside that’s waiting to be harnessed, but due to circumstances outside of your control you’ve not been able to tap into that deep place inside of infinite possibility and step into the life you know is waiting for you on the other side

Dr Rachel’s gift is seeing beyond your societal conditioning, your stories and your trauma to help you get to the core of what you’ve been wrestling with your whole life. Being confronted with your negative patterns of behaviour can be challenging, and Dr Rachel considers it a privilege to support you in tackling these head on to elevate your life to the next level

Dr Rachel creates containers of safety in which she guides, challenges, supports and holds you accountable through the transformation journey, which is often a difficult (yet incredibly worthwhile) process

Dr Rachel specialises in neuro-diversity, having developed a theory of wellbeing in autistic adults. She recognises that neurodiverse and neurotypical folk alike need meaning, acceptance and friendly environments in which to flourish, and she facilitates the change process for all

“Doing this work and really utilising all the resources on offer has been life changing. I have realised who I want to be and work daily to achieve this. My integrity is solid and I work with my brain and body, not against. Many development courses say that they are transformative, in my opinion they dont quite hit the mark. If you want something that does what it says on the tin and what you se is what you get then you have to Invest in Dr Rachel.”

“This is the most rewarding investment in myself I have ever made. Working with Dr Rachel has been challenging, motivating, at times extremely difficult, but so worthwhile. I have realised a lot which has kept me small before. Now I am aiming for the stars and knowing I deserve them.”