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Friday is traditionally the end of the working week, though for many it is the penultimate day, and indeed for 21st century working lots of us have an extremely flexible approach to working days and patterns. Whatever Friday is for you, let us place a new meaning and ritual on the day.

Friday or ‘Frigg’day has a connection with love as Frigg is the Norse goddess of love. What would be better than to initiate a love ritual into your weekly activities?

Connection to self, to your enviornment, to others is fundamental for (UN)Broken, let us consider how ‘philautia’ or ‘self-love’ figures in our life. A love of all wisdom including that of our ancient philosophers is inherent throughout (UN)Broken, there is much to be learnt from all aroung us! Philautia is how the ancient Greeks described self-love.

The relationship we have with ourself is the most important one in our life, and it is essential that we lovingly, unconditionally and believing in our worth and value. Once we accept ourselves, then we can raise ourselves up, not grind ourselves down. Just think about that!

So this Friday create a ritual of Love for you. Give yourself ten minutes and consider the following –

What have you done lovingly for yourself this week?

How have you thanked your body for all it has done to keep you alive?

How is your nervous system – is it calm and relaxed, it is frazzled, is it waiting for disaster, is it running on empty? What information does it have for you?

How are you going to mark this Friday Ritual?

Will you bring light in? Will you sit and midfully have a beautiful cup of something? Will you immerse yourself in beauty? Will you sit and read something inspiring? Will you connect with another to feel their love? Will you listen to a piece of music that stirs your emotion?

Finally, what small step towards loving yourself more will you take next?

Will you honour your boundaries more? Will you speak your truth? Will you listen to your nervous system and tend to its needs? Will you nurture your senses? Will you thank your body? Will you be careful what you put into it? Will you address some of the emotions that you are feeling?

Whatever you choose, wherever you are, whoever you want to be, make sure that you begin to accept that to do things with ‘philautia’ in mind will lead to greater connection, more acceptance and further growth and development in all things.

Start your ritual today whatever Friday traditionally has been for you, make Friday a connecting day from now on, where you begin to fill yourself with philautia.

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