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It is really interesting reading news articles and seeing the comments underneath them as is becoming more and more apparent that many are wanting to have direct instructions on what to do rather than taking their own responsibility to do so.

This led to another ponder as to how much instructional messages there are around us all. Have you ever taken notice of this or even stopped to think?

Look at all the signs there are, both literal and metaphorical there are all around human beings. Stop signs, give way signs, speed limits, signs to signify what is within a building, signs to show what group a person may belong to.

Signs are good but when we stop thinking and start relying on signs that is not a good thing.

Do people really need instructions constantly about how they should be, what they should do, how they should act? If they do then what does that say about society and community as a whole?

Safety and security should be taken seriously, however the inability to think critically, question and be open to all possibilities needs to be taken more seriously.

Consider these questions.

How much of your day do you think about what you are doing?

How much of your day is taken up with automatic actions and behaviours?

How do you stretch your mind to consider different possibilities?

How do you await instruction?

In order to take responsibility for ourselves we need to just have awareness of how much we give away.

Think about it!

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