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After watching a historical re-enactment of the battle of Hastings there was a lot that was so interesting to think about.

  1. That there are many people who live their lives in harmony with a time that resonates with them
  2. That it is of interest to many other people observe this history in action even if they know the outcome in advance
  3. That the motivation of battling historically is equal to battling in modern times it is just that we are perhaps not as battle ready in many ways
  4. That not being drawn into traps and being aware of visual and verbal trickery is vital to our ability to survive a battle pyhsically, emotionally and psychologically.

So consider this

Are you living in a time that is right for you? that is comfortable for you? that contains the right kind of support for you?

and what about this

When you are drawn into battle is the outcome already guaranteed because of patterns and habits that you hold? Are there always the same winners or losers? What kind of battles do you engage in?

how about this

How battle ready are you? How phsyically fit? How emotionally intelligent? How much integrity do you have?

and finally this

What petty tyrants are in your days that can lead to you not winning your battle? What is a energy zapping pattern? How taken in by tricks, sleight of hands, faslehoods and shiny things are you?

This is all so important when we are dealing with everyday and historical battles.

It was an amazing day watching people dedicated to keeping history alive. It would be even more amazing if you dedicated yourself to ensuring your history is keeping you alive and not stunting your growth.

All the kings horses…..
…And all the kings men….

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