The Principles

(UN)Broken is founded upon the belief that the environment in which we were born, grew in, live in, work in, play in and rest in has a huge impact on how well we believe we are and how well we perform.

Wellbeing and optimal  human performance are not simply about the absence of disease, they are about  the ability to live purposefully, intentionally, joyfully and freely.  

We believe that by understanding the impact of the environment and bringing its influences into awareness then we can start to unpick the damage that has been done to us.

The environment has a lot to answer for. We live in a time where there is so much toxicity around us that it is inevitable that we feel unwell, in-human, in-capable and broken.

The Six Principles



Acceptance is not passive. Acceptance is active. Accepting what is, in order to take action to create more.



It both is and is not all about you. The Ego takes a bashing all the time. Your Ego needs love like your heart needs to beat. Love your Ego to tame its fury, its shame and give it all the value it deserves.


Real Resilience

Resilience is not a race to the bottom to scrape the barrel of positivity. Resilience is a 250, 000 year old mechanism to ensure thriving in surviving. It is set in the beauty of neuroscience underpinned by sociality, plasticity and meaning. A beautiful trinity of essential actions.



How many people have integrity in these days? Where are their values, their strengths, their grit and determination? Integrity is integral to knowing who you are and what you stand for. What is important and what is not. Think about that.



Oh Kindness, oh kindness. Not the kindness bandied about in the mainstream. Not an airy-fairy flash in the pan experience. Kindness is not indulgence. Kindness is all about what can I do today to meet my needs to build my future, your future, my tribes future? Make no mistake there is no weakness when you talk about my kind of kindness.


Awe, Wonder, Play & Magic

Awe has been (mis)appropriated in the most aw(e)ful of ways. When did you last feel awe at the wonder of what you have experienced through your senses? When was the last time you played and played hard? How much magic is in your life? All of these have a huge part in creation of better quality of life.

The Soulship

Your first step to being (UN)Broken. A supportive network designed with the (UN)Broken approach and principles frimly entrenched within its foundations. This is where (UN)Broken Souls can come to heal, develop, and evolve.

An Evergreen Soulship that has been developed with growth in mind. This is for all who seek to be (UN)Broken and are looking for their (UN)Broken Tribe.

  • Access to two webinars a month, either live or recordings
  • Workbooks to accompany every soulship step
  • Access to visualisations to help you on your journey
  • Massive discounts on all online courses
  • Access to a support network via our online forums
  • Soulship only BONUS resources
  • You are (UN)Broken you just may not realise it yet
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The Approach

verb –

  1. come near or nearer to something in distance and/or time
  2. speak  to someone for the first time about a proposal or request

noun –

  1. a way of dealing with a situation or problem
  2. an intital proposal or request made to someone

How will you approach being (UN)Broken?

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