The Process

We offer a number of courses based on the six principles of (UN)Broken. These are known collectively as The Process Programmes.  All designed with you the (UN)Broken ones firmly at the centre.

These will be purely online offerings but also offer opportunities to work in small group settings to really enhance the experience.

Members of the Soulship can access the courses within the process at a heavily discounted rate.

The Process Programmes will be available at selected times throughout the year.

Members of the Soulship and those who are on the mailing list will get information on the release dates for The Process Programmes.

Begin is an evergreen course availble to all Soulship Souls and purchasers of The Process Programmes to have a place to start and gain some awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

The Process Programmes

Dr Rachel’s how to help your child (teen) be well

Each programme comes with a FREE 1 Year membership to the Soulship

or a discount for those Souls who are already members.

The process is about making a difference in a step by step way.

The Soulship

Your first step to being (UN)Broken. A supportive network designed with the (UN)Broken approach and principles frimly entrenched within its foundations. This is where (UN)Broken Souls can come to heal, develop, and evolve.

An Evergreen Soulship that has been developed with growth in mind. This is for all who seek to be (UN)Broken and are looking for their (UN)Broken Tribe.

  • Access to two webinars a month, either live or recordings
  • Workbooks to accompany every soulship step
  • Access to visualisations to help you on your journey
  • Massive discounts on all online courses
  • Access to a support network via our online forums
  • Soulship only BONUS resources
  • You are (UN)Broken you just may not realise it yet
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The Approach

Supporting all to create their own better (and kinder) world.

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The Principles

Dr Rachel believes that the environment in which we were born, grew in, live in, work in, play in and rest in has a huge impact on how well we believe we are. Being well is not simply the absence of disease it is the ability to live purposefully, intentionally, joyfully and freely. By understanding the impact of the environment and bringing its influences into awareness then we can start to understand why we are the way we are . Our lived environment has a lot to answer for. We live in a time where there is so much toxicity around us that it is inevitable that we feel unwell, in-human and totally broken.

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