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Get adequate sunlight

Ensure you are hydrated

Get enough human connection

Observe how nature is during winter

Look at the stars and planets in the evening

Contemplate philosophical questions

Have a wander all wrapped up

Consider what you need to do so that you can plant successful seeds in the springtime – metaphorically and physically!

Winter is a time when we are able to stand still, deepen our foundations, cast off the unnecessary and be certain in the knowledge that when spring arrives we have the opportunity to begin the growth cycle again.

It has been a tough Autumn in many aspects with many stressors affecting all aspects of our health. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the new year needs to be started with all cylinders firing when you are almost certainly near to burnout from the old year.

Use the next couple of months to regain equilibrium, find your centre and ground your roots into foundations that can support any growth that you want to make when you have adequate environmental conditions to do so. We are organic and part of nature, we have cycles like all nature does. Let us enjoy the downtime that winter months allow us. There will be time to speed forwards when spring arrives.

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