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The UnBroken Podcast is a call to action to create a different direction, dialogue, and narrative for your life. Dr Rachel Taylor explains willpower, why we have it, and how to get more in this episode, sponsored by A Podcast Company.

Psychologically speaking, willpower is the ability to delay gratification, which is a challenge in this present-day society that encourages us to do the opposite. Willpower allows you to override unwanted thoughts, feelings, and impulses – it is the constant effort for self-regulation. What many people don’t realise, however, is that willpower is not an infinite tool, but a limited resource extremely capable of being depleted.

How, then, do we increase it? And what do we need to avoid to not deplete it? The golden thread pulling willpower together is self-regulation, Dr Rachel explains, or the ability to prevent self-sabotage. Look at your behaviour, and those of the people around you. How much self-regulation and self-indulgence are you seeing? How much discipline are you seeing?


What willpower really is.
Understanding neuroplasticity to train your brain.
Why delayed gratification is good for the brain.
The importance of controlling your social influences.
Ways to develop more willpower.

Keys takeaways

Willpower is the ability to delay gratification and override unwanted thoughts, feelings, and impulses.
What you expose yourself to and allow yourself to be influenced by directly affects your willpower.
We cannot simply change just because we wish to – we must train ourselves, and most importantly our brains, to work in different and better ways.

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